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Asterisk PBX

Small to enterprise sized businesses have been experiencing the benefits and gains of Asterisks phone systems for many years. All Asterisk phone systems are fully VoIP compatible and often eliminate the need for a costly traditional PBX – a practical solution for smaller organizations seeking to reap the benefits of a corporate PBX but lacking the capital to procure one.

Asterisk is an open source PBX application to be used efficiently by most businesses. While Asterisk was initially engineered to run over a Linux platform is fully interoperable with most modern platforms.

There are several advantageous benefits associated with using Asterisk in conjunction with a high quality small business VoIP solution. Not only is it extremely cost effective when compared to most other PBX options, it also boasts many more features and functions than competitors. Being that Asterisk phone systems are completely VoIP reliant they utilize existing broadband Internet connections to leverage the corporate telephony network. When using Asterisk products, voice calls are still made and received that same way they would be over a conventional PBX, but given the VoIP capabilities Asterisks allows for remote and travelling employees to connect directly to the corporate phone system through an active Internet connection.

Whether you are already using an Asterisk system or would like to build a new one, our system programmers can create anything you desire. Contact our sales associate to see how we can change the way you communicate for the better.

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